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{"_id": "songs-2023-11-30", "listData": {"id": "songs-2023-11-30", "date": "2023-11-30 10:05:28.553654", "name": "Songs", "status": "Done", "cat": "Music", "slug": "songs", "title": "Top Songs", "tagline": "Discover the Best Sellers Songs of 2023", "description": "Explore the Top Songs 2023", "db": "AmazonDB", "collection": "topSongs", "data": "", "cta": "", "year": "2023", "image": "2023", "totalListItems": 30}, "listItems": [{"rank": 1, "title": "You\u2019re Christmas To Me (Amazon Music Original)", "author": "Sam Ryder", "category": "Songs", "price": "\u00a30.99", "rating": 0, "reviews": 0, "image": ",400_.jpg", "cta": ""}, {"rank": 2, "title": "All I Want for Christmas Is You", "author": "Mariah Carey", "category": "Songs", "price": "\u00a30.99", "rating": 4.7, "reviews": 286, "image": ",400_.jpg", "cta": ""}, {"rank": 3, "title": "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday (2006 Remaster)", "author": "Wizzard", "category": "Songs", "price": "\u00a30.99", "rating": 4.6, "reviews": 102, "image": ",400_.jpg", "cta": ""}, {"rank": 4, "title": "Christmas Time (Don't Let the Bells End)", "author": "The Darkness", "category": "Songs", "price": "\u00a30.99", "rating": 4.6, "reviews": 48, "image": ",400_.jpg", "cta": ""}, {"rank": 5, "title": "Last Christmas", "author": "Wham!", "category": "Songs", "price": "\u00a30.99", "rating": 4.8, "reviews": 444, "image": ",400_.jpg", "cta": ""}, {"rank": 6, "title": "Lil Boo Thang", "author": "Paul Russell", "category": "Songs", "price": "\u00a30.99", "rating": 0, "reviews": 0, "image": ",400_.jpg", "cta": ""}, {"rank": 7, "title": "Lovin On Me [Explicit]", "author": "Jack Harlow", "category": "Songs", "price": "\u00a30.99", "rating": 0, "reviews": 0, "image": ",400_.jpg", "cta": ""}, {"rank": 8, "title": "Feliz Navidad", "author": "Jos\u00e9 Feliciano", "category": "Songs", "price": "\u00a30.99", "rating": 4.7, "reviews": 73, "image": ",400_.jpg", "cta": ""}, {"rank": 9, "title": "One More Sleep", "author": "Leona Lewis", "category": "Songs", "price": "\u00a30.99", "rating": 4.6, "reviews": 208, "image": ",400_.jpg", "cta": ""}, {"rank": 10, "title": "Paint The Town Red [Explicit]", "author": "Doja Cat", "category": "Songs", "price": "\u00a30.99", "rating": 5.0, "reviews": 1, "image": ",400_.jpg", "cta": ""}, {"rank": 11, "title": "Merry Christmas Everyone", "author": "Shakin' Stevens", "category": "Songs", "price": "\u00a30.99", "rating": 4.7, "reviews": 128, "image": ",400_.jpg", "cta": ""}, {"rank": 12, "title": "Do They Know It's Christmas? (1984 Version)", "author": "Band Aid 30", "category": "Songs", "price": "\u00a30.99", "rating": 4.7, "reviews": 101, "image": ",400_.jpg", "cta": ""}, {"rank": 13, "title": "Strangers", "author": "Kenya Grace", "category": "Songs", "price": "\u00a30.69", "rating": 5.0, "reviews": 2, "image": ",400_.jpg", "cta": ""}, {"rank": 14, "title": "Sleigh Ride", "author": "The Ronettes", "category": "Songs", "price": "\u00a30.99", "rating": 4.7, "reviews": 36, "image": ",400_.jpg", "cta": ""}, {"rank": 15, "title": "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough", "author": "Michael Jackson", "category": "Songs", "price": "\u00a30.99", "rating": 4.6, "reviews": 19, "image": ",400_.jpg", "cta": ""}, {"rank": 16, "title": "Trial By Fire", "author": "Judas Priest", "category": "Songs", "price": "\u00a30.99", "rating": 0, "reviews": 0, "image": ",400_.jpg", "cta": ""}, {"rank": 17, "title": "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now", "author": "Starship", "category": "Songs", "price": "\u00a30.99", "rating": 4.6, "reviews": 101, "image": ",400_.jpg", "cta": ""}, {"rank": 18, "title": "Your Woman", "author": "White Town", "category": "Songs", "price": "\u00a30.99", "rating": 4.6, "reviews": 23, "image": ",400_.jpg", "cta": ""}, {"rank": 19, "title": "Lovin On Me [Clean]", "author": "Jack Harlow", "category": "Songs", "price": "\u00a30.99", "rating": 0, "reviews": 0, "image": ",400_.jpg", "cta": ""}, {"rank": 20, "title": "Billie Jean", "author": "Michael Jackson", "category": "Songs", "price": "\u00a30.99", "rating": 4.5, "reviews": 63, "image": ",400_.jpg", "cta": ""}, {"rank": 21, "title": "Let Me Blow Ya Mind [feat. Gwen Stefani & Stevie J] [Explicit]", "author": "Eve", "category": "Songs", "price": "\u00a30.99", "rating": 4.9, "reviews": 11, "image": ",400_.jpg", "cta": ""}, {"rank": 22, "title": "Together This Christmas (Amazon Original)", "author": "Maisie Peters", "category": "Songs", "price": "\u00a30.99", "rating": 4.6, "reviews": 6, "image": ",400_.jpg", "cta": ""}, {"rank": 23, "title": "Glue", "author": "Bicep", "category": "Songs", "price": "\u00a30.99", "rating": 4.9, "reviews": 38, "image": ",200_.jpg", "cta": ""}, {"rank": 24, "title": "The Painter", "author": "Cody Johnson", "category": "Songs", "price": "\u00a30.99", "rating": 0, "reviews": 0, "image": ",200_.jpg", "cta": ""}, {"rank": 25, "title": "Alone", "author": "Alan Walker", "category": "Songs", "price": "\u00a30.99", "rating": 4.8, "reviews": 23, "image": ",200_.jpg", "cta": ""}, {"rank": 26, "title": "Shut Up and Dance", "author": "WALK THE MOON", "category": "Songs", "price": "\u00a30.99", "rating": 4.7, "reviews": 270, "image": ",200_.jpg", "cta": ""}, {"rank": 27, "title": "Gotta Get My Groove On (Radio Edit)", "author": "Jamila V", "category": "Songs", "price": "\u00a30.99", "rating": 4.0, "reviews": 1, "image": ",200_.jpg", "cta": ""}, {"rank": 28, "title": "Here You Come Again", "author": "Dolly Parton", "category": "Songs", "price": "\u00a30.99", "rating": 4.9, "reviews": 37, "image": ",200_.jpg", "cta": ""}, {"rank": 29, "title": "OLD COUNTRY BARN", "author": "James Johnston", "category": "Songs", "price": "\u00a30.99", "rating": 0, "reviews": 0, "image": ",200_.jpg", "cta": ""}, {"rank": 30, "title": "I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow (With Band) [feat. Dan Tyminski]", "author": "The Soggy Bottom Boys", "category": "Songs", "price": "\u00a30.99", "rating": 4.8, "reviews": 19, "image": ",200_.jpg", "cta": ""}]}